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Cake Baking & The Creative Process: Recipes for Imagination! A Resource for Educators

Cake Baking and the Creative Process is a fun and quick resource for the performing arts middle school or high school teacher. It also could be a resource that substitute teachers might use. Cake Baking and the Creative Process not only delves into a discussion of an analogy comparing the process of baking a cake from scratch to the creative process in arts education, but also includes classroom exercises for dance, theatre, and vocal music students. These exercises have been labeled by the author as “Recipes of Imagination” and can be used as stand-alone, quick classroom tasks, or be blended together to create entire units of study. Each exercise encourages the performing arts student to think outside of the box, or dance on the other side of the barre. Teachers can also enjoy creating their own exercises using the recipes outlined in this fun cookbook of imagination.